BPG’s Best Restaurants in Berkeley 2020

Berkeley Patients Group, the nation’s oldest medical dispensary, recently included us on their list of favorite Berkeley restaurants. Not only did they highlight some of their favorite dishes, but they also have some cannabis pairings to go along with them! Read the review below, or check out the full feature here: https://www.mybpg.com/blog/best-restaurants-2020/

Best Restaurants In Berkeley 2020 

Spanish cuisine is more than flavorful; it is brimming with energy and passion.

La Marcha’s menu of tapas and paellas, coupled with a community atmosphere, reflect the chefs’ shared passion for Spanish cuisine, and their desire to transport the lively tapas bar culture they both experienced in Spain here to Berkeley.

Fusing the best of Spanish culinary traditions with the bounty of fresh produce and ingredients, La Marcha is perfect for impressing visiting friends and family. Either way, you’ll want to bring a crew so you can enjoy all the delicious tastes this restaurant has to offer!

BPG Recommends: Patatas Bravas! Fried potatoes, spicy calabrian ñora sauce. ñora peppers are a small, round, intense and sweet-fleshed red pepper that is always used dry, to add flavor to stews, cocidos or soups. Make sure you can take a little heat before ordering this savory dish.

Pella Tres Cerditos chorizo, smoked belly, shoulder chop, leeks, apple cider, saffron,  and rice! This dish will leave you scraping the bottom of the pan wanting more. Pella portions are quite large, making it perfect for sharing.

Pairs Well With:  Trust us, you’ll want to have a huge appetite before tackling this meal. Kiva’s award-winning chocolate bars debuted in 2010 and are offered in both milk and dark chocolate in a variety of fun flavors and potencies for your enjoyment, such as White Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate, plus Chocolate Blueberry and Salted Caramel Terra Bites.

And, you can feel good about your purchase. Kiva is one of BPG’s partners for our 20th anniversary campaign. Anytime you purchase a Kiva product at BPG, you’re helping the community.

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